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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fours Days Off

I've had the past four days off with my part time schedule and am set to go back to work this morning. I have a project that I need to work on, which is why I am up this early, but it's not going particularly well. I've never deluded myself that 'working from home' would be a good fit for me, because home is not a place where I work. Home is where I watch TV and paint the crown molding.

I also don't have a lot of motivation for work, because I'm really just hoping it ends soon. It's not that each paycheck I get on part time isn't great and potentially allowing for things like new windows, or clothes, or even heat this winter, but I had a mental end date of June 30th and really, this working past the mental end date sucks.

The past four days haven't been amazingly productive, mostly because it was god-awful hot and I melted into a puddle and whimpered a lot - even Luke was willing to come inside after fifteen or so minutes outside, it was THAT hot. But we did see my brother, go to a playgroup, clean out my sock drawer, paint the crown molding, and remove almost all the remaining wall paper from the guest room.

Whereas now I am going to go to work. And uh... I don't know what.

Yesterday my car read an outside temperature of 101 F - and the construction crew was outside repaving the street in front of my house. I heard them this morning at about 3 AM as they picked up where they left off, and though I was sad to be awakened (this insomnia shit has got to stop) I didn't begrudge them working on the street in the middle of the night when it's only, say, 80 degrees out. Luke has enjoyed watching the trucks, and the guys are usually friendly enough to wave.

Even as I head to work this morning, I'm thinking about what will be going on during my four days off - the Orkin man is coming, a couple parties on Saturday, and maybe I can get a haircut? Even better, perhaps we can start tiling the bathroom...


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