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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Kicking Ass Thus Far

I planned on going to the gym this morning to try and get myself into slightly better physical shape. But I'm fighting a summer cold (thanks Luke) and my throat was sore and raspy and bed was too comfy.

So the morning was normal until I dropped Luke off and headed into work. The first things I encountered was the gates being down at a railroad crossing, no train in sight. Traffic was back up quite a ways, and people took it into their own minds to circumvent the gates. For each second I DIDN'T see a train, I figured we were coming that much closer to so wicked bad train-car accident. Cars lose that fight. I called the local police department and they said an officer was on the way. Once he got there, he held up the gate so we could cross under... still didn't seem too safe to me.

Then I encountered construction and lanes merging. Oh happy day. We sat for 10-15 minutes through that.

To top it off a semi delivering to the local grocery store blocked traffic for a minute or two while he backed in. All of this! In one morning!

And, as a final cherry on the sundae that is my life, my boss did NOT include me in a general announcement email... um, I know I'm part time, but I DO still work here. Reluctantly.


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