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Monday, July 24, 2006

Four Days In A Row

This part time thing takes some getting used to - these four day weekends are absurd. We began Friday by visiting the Chicago Botanic Gardens where there is a model train exhibit. Set on the ground, and incredibly detailed, there are 15 American landscape scenes. Not that I went to see the 15 landscape scenes. I went because when Luke saw the trains going by he yelled "CHOO CHOO!" in glee and chased after them. For an hour he ran and stared and yelled "CHOO CHOO!", and it was amazingly fun to watch.

We followed that up with a visit from the Orkin man, and a visit to my nephew's house, where his cousins screamed in his face (literally, screamed) because Luke laughed when they did it, and then Luke commenced running in circles around the house with the two other boys tailing him.

Saturday we tiled our bathroom floor, and today I have to grout it, and went to a couple summer parties, including our block party. Of course it rained. We found out that our block has a number of people from Israel. I asked one woman who I was supposed to pay, and she began talking to another woman, in Hebrew. Roughly 2 feet from me. And they didn't include me in the conversation. I wandered away and ended up not paying because no one sought me out to ask for money...

By Sunday, I was tired, but we made it to church, where Luke spent his first time in the nursery. He's simply to active to bring to services.

Now it's Monday and the weekend still isn't over. It's insane. We have a playgroup and I'll probably grout the bathroom floor. Don't be jealous!


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