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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Simple Things

There are certain things in life that should be really simple - like drinking enough water. Eight glasses of water, how hard is that? Especially since they're talking about eight EIGHT OUNCE glasses of water, not the twenty ounce bottle of water I refill at my desk. I only have to drink three of those.

But with a small child, even mundane simple things become more challenging. Luke loves to drink from water bottles and splash his hands in glasses of water. In order to drink eight glasses of water around him, I have to be sneaky. I have to hide the container and bide my time until he's facing another direction.

In other news, Luke has resumed his holy terror status at daycare, and was cited yesterday for pushing a girl into a desk repeatedly and then shoving kids out of the way to get out the door for play time. Apparently another mother was there and was very upset. Upset at Luke or upset that the daycare lady (who was changing a diaper at the time) didn't break it up fast enough, I don't know. I certainly hope she wasn't upset at Luke, because he's 17 months old and simply doesn't understand that pushing hurts people. I've seen him do this to kids, (and break it up immediately) and he does it with a smile. He thinks he's playing.

I have a friend with a three year old daughter who's been down this road, and my nephew was kicked out of preschool for similar behavior, so I know it's not unusual. But the idea of another mother not liking Luke or holding something against him makes me a little sick to my stomach.


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