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Sunday, May 06, 2007


I've been on this quest to lose weight and return to normal non-pregnant state. I miss normal, non-pregnant state. I miss being able to run, jump, drink alcohol, and stay up until 4 AM. Right now I'd settle for being able to jog, bounce, have a beer, and sleep until 8 AM. The good news is that my body is starting to come back. The bad news is that it hurts.

I started out walking and working out on the elliptical. Walking hurt my legs and everything made me winded. I want to go back to biking, blading, and running. At one point in my life I rollerbladed about 15 miles 4-5 days a week. My ass was AWESOME. I want my ass back. I want to be able to distinguish my ass from my thigh other than by it being wider.

So I tried rollerblading today. It's been two years. First thing first, I had to remove the nest some mice or chipmunks had built in my boots. They didn't chew through much of it and THANK GOD no one decided to die in there, because that's one of my top ten fears, putting my foot in a shoe and encountering anything that is currently breathing or ever breathed. SQUISHY! AAAAACK!

They've recently repaved the road in front of my house and it's gorgeous for rollerblading. Smooth and slick and you glide as if on ice. Except it's been two years and I went maybe once that year and the year before that I was pregnant with Luke, so really, it's been closer to four years and holy shit I don't stop well!

I took a side road and was quickly reminded why I love the newly paved roads so much as I bumped down a hill.

Shit, a hill. Can you snowplow on rollerblades? What about that swishy thing from side to side that gives you nice control on skis? No, I can't do that. Maybe other people can, I can't.

Rollerblade boots are tight. Did you know your feet actually gain weight, too? OW. OW OW. Like my feet weren't ALREADY wide enough.

All in all, I survived. I'd like to go more, with less arm flailing and animal home cleanup, and possibly get a workout from it.


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