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Friday, August 24, 2007

Good Week, Bad Week

Let's start with the bad. I'm killing the Earth now. I turned the air back on after it had been off for over a week because the humidity was killing us. After I turned the air on, Luke went back to napping, which he had stopped when I turned the air off before. Guess what? I will be killing the Earth (and our electric bill) and leaving the air on. Napping is far too important!

Then, I went to the grocery store yesterday, and was so excited to be going without the kids, I completely forgot to bring my canvas/string bags. So I got a lot of plastic bags.

But to put things firmly back in the good camp, not only did I lose the three pounds I had put on last Sunday, I've lost three more that had snuck on because of the wedding. So my scale reads a full six pounds less today than it did Monday. Two more weeks like this and I would be ONE HAPPY CAMPER!!!

I think I'm doing my job too well, though. Esposo mentioned yesterday (which he had off) that he was going to go to the grocery store for some fruit. I said I had a list and proceeded to instruct him that he had to search for the right items and check sizes on the boxes because they try to confuse you, and then he gave up and said I could just go to the store.

I scared him out of going to the store because I was so afraid he would do it wrong. That was stupid of me.

However, he did make dinner, following a new recipe, and do a load of diapers in the new washing machine (with my explicit instructions), so I am working on making sure that I'm not the ONLY one who can do these things. Because I don't want that kind of job security!


Blogger The Dow said...

Know what's funny? I screwed up the diapers because I forgot to put the laundry detergent in. So I re-ran them. Let me tell you, a washer that's twice as efficient isn't quite as effective if you have to run it twice as much.

2:08 PM  

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