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Monday, August 20, 2007


I was sucked into bad TV yesterday (and today, my weight is up three pounds! Bad TV is the devil!) - first I watched a Lifetime movie, which was actually far worse than your typical Lifetime movie, and yes, that's saying something. Then I went to High School Musical 2, which is decent bad TV. In case you weren't paying attention to this, High School Musical swept the tween crowd last year and Disney made bank. There's a live show, CD's, probably a tattoo. They're squeaky clean movies, and if you're kid gets into musicals, the High School Musical movies are a far better option than Grease.

HSM2 is set at a country club, and there are the requisite snobby parents, who are involved in the story line. They came into scene finishing up a story... and after a moment I registered where they were taking the line from.

"And she STEPPED on the BALL!"

I had to call in Esposo and replay it for him. So far I haven't found anyone who has caught and understood that reference yet, and it's driving me mildly crazy.

In a final hit on the bad TV bong, I watched an episode of Hannah Montana. Where the lead character was in love with Jake Ryan.

I heart the 80's, and I heart that the 80's will never die because everyone else in my generation hearts the 80's with mad insane love and writers are inserting 80's cultural references into tween shows.

As a direct foil to the squeakyclean HSM2, we went out to see Superbad earlier in the day. I laughed. I pondered the imponderable nature of teenage boys, and dreaded having one living in my house...


Anonymous Stacy said...

I knew right away! "And she stepped on the ball" Trading Places! Here from Miss Zoot's!

6:13 PM  
Blogger Elisette said...

Thank GOD! I was beginning to think I was insane!!

5:52 AM  

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