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Thursday, August 16, 2007


I lose my cell phone close to hourly. There's a reason I resisted getting a cell phone all those years, when I dramatically sighed about GAAWWD, can't you just PLAN the night out BEFOREHAND? It seems I resisted because I didn't want to spend a solid week every few months searching for the damn thing. Esposo has said that next time, I'm getting one of the 1980's cellular phones, about the size of a brick, but longer. Fine. Can it be neon orange and have a pulsing glow to it as well? And cry if it gets more than 20 feet away from me? Because I think that's what it would take to keep me from losing these stupid things.

Obviously, I lost my cell phone this week. I knew I had it on Sunday, and that I didn't have it on Monday. Where could it be, where where where? I checked the kitchen. I cleaned the entire family room, vacuumming under the couch cushions and ended up washing the pillow covers as well. We organized the office, I cleaned out my car, I broke my shoe rack in my closet moving it out to check behind it.

No dice.

I finally, FINALLY, remembered that we went to IHOP on Sunday, so I called and asked "Do you have a black cell phone?", I told them I lost it on Sunday. They asked me the brand. Crap if I know. I start hunting for Esposo, because when we cleaned out the office, he took my cell phone manuals... somewhere... so I'm running through the house trying to find them (where the hell IS he?) and the IHOP people finally say that yeah, they have a cell phone.

WHOO HOO!! I say I'll be right there, and continue hunting for Esposo. Except he's gone off to pick up a bed from his sister for us to bring up north. And he left without telling me. So now the IHOP people think I was pulling their legs! AGH!

To make it all worse, we left a really crappy tip for the waitress (in response to crappy service, at least), but she saved my cell phone.


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