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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Saving! The! Earth!

Ever since we spent all kinds of money on that new front loading washing machine thingamabopper, I've been waiting for the water bill. Because we'd see some SAVINGS in the water bill.

How much is your water bill every month? So cheap that they only bill you every TWO months? Yeah, there's a reason people are not so intent on saving water when it costs $1.80 per ONE THOUSAND gallons. Our city bills us in thousand gallon increments, too, they can't be bothered to figure out all those insignificant hundreds, tens, and ones places.

Here are our water bill usages over the past two years:
06/14/05 - 8
08/12/05 - 11*
10/14/05 - 7
12/13/05 - 7
02/10/06 - 8
04/12/06 - 7
06/14/06 - 9
08/14/06 - 7
10/16/06 - 9
12/13/06 - 9
02/13/07 - 8
04/17/07 - 10 (Hellooooo cloth diapers!)
06/14/07 - 10

*What'd we do, water the lawn? Crap, we don't do that anymore, why encourage the shit to grow and then mow it?

And now? After two months with the new machine and washing diapers almost daily? We used 5 (thousand) gallons! At a buck eighty per thousand gallons, we're packing a sweet nine dollars away every two months. That washer has practically paid for itself already!

(On a serious note, I am thrilled that it uses THAT much less water, and I'm sure that the electricity savings are significant as well.)


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