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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Not so long ago I read of people giving over the master bedroom to the children, and I thought this was a stupid thing to do. I pay the mortgage, I deserve one room in my house that is NOT devoted to the children, because, really, everything else is. There are toys in theeir bedrooms, the living room and family room, and well, let's not talk about the kitchen. But the master bedroom? That's MY space. (And Esposo's, I suppose)

Except, of course, that children's toys like to establish equilibrium and seep into spaces where there are no children's toys. Like my bedroom. Usually cars are the exploratory toys - they establish a foothold and open the pathway for other toys. Secondary toys are usually books, and then it's an anything goes proposition.

Last night I cleared out cars, books, two baby toys and a stuffed horse from our room. It's like weeding, you have to do it constantly.

I used my string bag/canvas bag collection at the grocery store today and was quite impressed to see that the woman behind me was doing to same thing! This is the first time I've seen another crazy out there. I tried to give a little smile of solidarity but my kid was too busy moving the "Danger Wet Floor" cone into the middle of the aisle.


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