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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tent Day!

Have a two and a half year old driving you crazy? Go get a tent. We set up two kid size tents here today - one in the living room and one in Luke's room - and he has been steadily occupied without whining for the past half hour. The first order of business when you are a child and you have a new tent (or an old tent that your cruel mother hid away from you for awhile) is to chuck everything you own into the tent. I'm not quite sure how Luke is fitting in his tents.

Meanwhile, Courtney, my sweet little immobile baby, is becoming incredibly squirmy. She's been rolling both ways for about two weeks now (and I don't know when the official milestone should be hit! Ha!) and is rolling herself into predicaments. Like into the couch, or so her arm is stuck under her and her rolling progress is halted. She is a tremendous kicker, and will frequently shake the stroller with her kicks. She's also getting her foot caught in dangling toys, resulting in much screaming.

It's a good time to have kids, Luke becomes more amusable by the day - play doh, pretend driving, coloring, beading... two and a half is a good age where twenty one months and two were not.


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