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Sunday, October 21, 2007


I am alarmed by how little of Luke's infancy I remember. I don't remember what he played with and what noises he made. I know he didn't babble much, but what was the sound of his baby voice??

Courtney has started babbling in earnest - dadadada over and over, in conversation. A few weeks ago she used 'mamama' with her upper lip over her lower lip, but now she's focused on dada.

She sits in front of the activity table and spins a toy to make the music start and then bops her arms up and down to the music. Over and over again, spin to start the music, bop your arms. Spin and bop. I know Luke never did anything like that.

She's started crawling, if you can call it that. She pushes with her legs straight, foisting her rear end into the air as she stretches her arms to reach whatever has piqued her interest. And that's pretty much anything that is NOT a baby toy. I do remember Luke's army style crawl as he dragged himself across the floor with his arms, and then later had one leg up.

Right now Luke has the second fever of his life that I remember, and I always think he has a fever so I'm always checking with the ear thermometer. It's never a fever, until now. He's laying on the floor wrapped in his blankie and even this is a memory I want to hold, and tell him about how you get to be sick - laying on the couch wrapped up, mom waiting on you had and foot... sick days are great memory days from my childhood, I don't remember the sick part...


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