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Monday, October 01, 2007

Not sleepy

It's far too late for me to be up, but for some reason I'm not sleepy... that reason could be that the cat caught and killed another mouse tonight, though he did not leave it in our bed. Instead he was in the front hall chirping over his prize. We gave him treats and Esposo swished away the dead mouse. My question is, do I get an exterminator or traps or do I just seal up points of entry and deep clean the kitchen and let Moxy kill the interlopers? He seems to be good at it.

I'm still trying to be green. We haven't made any tremendous progress lately, just doing the same old things I have been. I keep trying to figure out what my next big change will be, as a family it may be adding insulation to the attic. But I AM still nursing, almost seven months now! I can't even believe that. I'm also loving making food for Courtney, because it's so customizable. Lentils on their own are pretty gross but one lentil cube plus three applesauce cubes are gobbled down happily. An applesauce cube in with three green bean cubes cuts the green beanness back a little. I'm willing to taste all the food I make for Courtney, but open up one of those baby food containers and I'm gagging away.

I'm refinishing a cabinet my great grandfather made for my mother and quite enjoying the process. It's got me crazy enough to think about building a dress up storage cabinet for the kids. To store the zero dress up clothes we have. Crazy woman wants to try BUILDING something.


Blogger zoot said...

You sound like you're doing a much better job at becoming Green than I am!

10:28 AM  

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