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Sunday, October 07, 2007


It's one of those surprises of motherhood that you don't always feel sympathetic to your child's plight. This week Courtney broke a tooth, and I think the next one is planning on showing up soon. She's one of those kids who gets a low grade fever that is not, according to doctors, caused by teething. No no no, not casued by teething at all.

Infancy and childhood is the area where I frequently believe the old-wives tales over the doctors, because getting conclusive results on a subject as varied as children is pretty difficult. And moms know. Moms pay attention to their kids.

But anyway, after several days of screaming and not sleeping and fussing and whining, I lost a lot of sympathy for Courtney. It didn't help that I was dealing with a heaping serving of insomnia, too. So the time I spent in bed was time spent NOT SLEEPING. It combined to make one very bad mommy.

Yesterday, finally, Courtney took her normal amount of nap time throughout the day (about 3.5 hours) and then slept about 11 hours at night. She woke up twice, but I got her back to sleep (Esposo is away finishing the basement at the lake house). She is a much much happier baby - you know, the baby I'd come to know over the past seven months (oh! Happy seven months baby!)

And after a week of nighttime nursing which was actually being used as, er, COUNTERPRESSURE for teething gums, I'm feeling very very done with nursing. Unfortunately, unlike cloth diapers, I can't take a break for a week and then get back on the horse, I kind of have to decide YAY or NAY.


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