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Friday, August 31, 2007

Greener greener

Over in 'Green as a Thistle', the author has challenged herself to take a green step EVERYDAY for a year. I'm not that ambitious, but she has inspired me to step it up a bit around here. So I bought some Seventh Generation cleaner from Target and made baby food for Courtney yesterday. I made a LOT of baby food - carrots, apples, green beans, squash, and I still have a sweet potato and peaches to cook.

Before I went to make my own baby food I searched the internet for tips and tricks and found that you basically steam or boil the hell out of the veggie, then puree it. Really, it's that easy. Thanks to The Podiatrist, we have a turbo cooker that steams things up pretty nicely. I did some rough calculations, since that' about all I'm going to do, and by making baby food I saved $10-$15 over buying the same quantity in store. And the only packaging I use is the freezer bags to store things!

Living greener!


Blogger *lynne* said...

wow, I tip my hat to ya for making your own baby food! Glad it seems to be working out well :-)

7:43 PM  

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