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Thursday, October 18, 2007

No Hot Firemen? Dang it.

So today I am watching my friend's daughter, who is the same age as Luke... last week I asked the teacher of the class we're taking if I could bring her and she said yes - great!

It was looking to be a crappy day, so I thought I'd have to drive the half mile, but it turned out to be nice, so we walked.

I strapped Courtney in her carrier and put the toddlers in the double stroller. We had a great time at class and Courtney started nodding off on the way home.

And then I couldn't find my keys.

So I called the park district building and asked if they had my keys. No.

So I walked back the route we had taken. No keys.

So I'm locked out of the house with two toddlers (who are behaving wonderfully, Thank GOD!) and a now sleeping infant.

So I called the non emergency police line.

Who transferred me to 9-1-1. At this point I'm not AT my house, but down the street at the park district.

They sent the fire department to meet me at my house.

So as I'm walking home I'm thinking about how we're going to break into my house...

And I remember that the back door to the garage is open.

And now I see the fire truck (no lights, thank goodness) driving by, I wave to them and point to my house (where I am not yet).

And when I get there I have to say, um, well, I think the back door is open. (it was). (and they were sadly, not hot. But nice.) (And a cop showed up too)

To make losing my keys extra special, I have NO SPARE KEY for my car. But I called Subaru and they should be able to make me some.

The children are rotting their brains in front of the TV now and I keep looking in the stroller for my keys, hoping they'll magically appear.


Blogger *lynne* said...

ugh! I had something similar happen a few years ago - lost my one and only car key, had to get a locksmith to make me a new key then and there (fascinating process!)... I then discovered the missing key like a week later, hiding in a corner of my bag! Hopefully yours will reappear soon.

1:42 AM  

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