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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No More Interaction

I took Luke to the Children's Museum this morning and we had a great time. There was no screaming fit and minimal whacking of other children. We played in virtually every exhibit at the place, and even Courtney got to hang out in the baby areas for awhile.

So when we came home I made lunch for myself and ran to the computer. But the kid keeps coming to find me, wanting to play MORE with me. Dude, I am played OUT. Mommy needs to sit. It an upright position. And not play with cars. Where I get yelled at for playing with cars THE WRONG WAY anyway. I'm so over the one on one time, kid.

My next green thing is actually turning out not to be composting, but baby food making - no packaging and cheaper! So far I've made carrots and peaches, and now I have an excuse to head to the bulk warehouse store and buy some fruits and veggies that normally never make it into our house. Maybe the rest of us will end up eating some, too?


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