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Sunday, November 11, 2007

You Hide

We don't have lives at all anymore. Esposo realized at about noon on Friday that it was, in fact, Friday, and asked if I wanted to go out and do something. Like, with people? We had no babysitting lined up and my voice was gone - we stayed in and caught up on TV we had DVR'd that week. Saturday night, after kid wrangling (me), yard raking/mowing (him), cleaning (me), shopping (Luke, him), we ended up exhausted in front of the TV again.

Thank God I like my husband.

For an hour or so, though, we all played - Luke, Courtney, Esposo and I. We played hide and seek. Hide and seek with a 2 and 2/3 year old is pretty simple, because the directions are clear.

"Mommy, you count and Daddy and I will hide."

"Mommy, we will hide in my bed and Daddy will count."

"Daddy, you come find me!"

He runs off, giggling hysterically, and we pretend not to hear and see him under his covers. I would like to wrap the giggling in a big box and give it for Christmas presents. I am greedy and want Courtney to get to the giggling and silly stage so there can be more.

One of my friends said she thought people in our generation were selfish because we were waiting to have children until we traveled or got another degree or didn't feel like going out until 3 AM on Saturday night. Children would put such a kink in our lifestyles.

Don't tell them about the giggling!


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