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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween - Done

Halloween was really fun this year, with dressing up for music class, Esposo's work, and actually on Halloween. I've seen the cow and pig enough to last me - which is good, because Luke's about four hours from not being able to fit in the cow costume anymore.

Trick or Treating was real this year, Luke rean from house to house with his friends and dragged his sack of candy along. He fully understood that candy was being handed out and YES PLEASE he would like some!

But it's over now and I am packing. Goodbye pumpkin faces, goodbye witch, cat candles, seven legged spider soap dispenser. Goodbye Batty Bat As Black As Night.

My sister in law decorates for seasons. Not just holidays, SEASONS. Fall, Spring, etc. I decorate for Halloween and Christmas. I think I have a St Patrick's Day plate bought on clearance, too. Screw all the other holidays, it just all becomes clutter. So I'm so happy to be packing!!


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