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Friday, March 14, 2008

Green Again

Our winter here dragged on for about 3 years too long, with the snow piling up and the weather all cold and windy, and in the midst of that I neglected my green missions. It's a hazard of winter for most of us, the loss of ambition and onset of depression. We're very thankful for spring around here!!

And since I looked out back and saw my tiger lilies poking through - hey, plants, guess what? Not REALLY warm enough yet, turn back! - I started thinking about getting green again. Specifically, this is the year of the compost bin. I have located one at Sam's Club online, which is an interesting conundrum in itself. Ideally I wouldn't have to buy a plastic thing to compost, but I do live in the suburbs and my house is visible from all sides. It has to be remotely attractive. And contained. Especially considering Esposo saw some coyotes running down the street the other night.

I digressed... we are back in cloth diapers and I'll be taking my plastic/canvas bags to the store again. And eating healthier again. And losing the 28 pounds I want to lose. And getting a Masters Degree in "Magic Money Tree Propagation". It's going to be a good year!!


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