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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Esposo has lucid dreams - as in, he knows he's in a dream and then he can change what happens in the dream. I'm aware I'm dreaming in my dreams, but I've never consciously tried to change them, I just let them take me along for the ride. My unconscious is way more screwed up than my conscious.

So last night, I was talking on the phone to my college ex while the children were asleep - telling him how great the kids are while thinking 'Why am I talking to this person?' when I looked out my bedroom window and saw four funnel clouds.

I grabbed the kids (had to wake them up, remember) and headed to the basement. Then I tried to (literally) herd our cats into the basement. And there were PEOPLE outside so I got them to come inside into our basement. And I opened the back door and random cats were in the yard so I herded them in.

And I had to get candles and a radio and some water for everyone...

And the part where it gets weird? I went into the basement and the people I had pulled in off the street? They wanted me to organize their summer softball team.

And I said sure! Put your name, phone number, and email on this paper...


Anonymous Wendy said...

I can't stop laughing!

I was wondering if I can join the team! :)

1:35 PM  

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