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Friday, May 09, 2008

Things I've Been Meaning to Type

Luke would like to stay three while Courtney gets older so they can be the same age. He's going to whip me in shape this summer - when I say we're going somewhere he asks if we are going to walk or take the bike and then gets upset if I say we have to take the car.

But this afternoon I did take him and Courtney on a long car ride (10 miles each way) to deliver some hand-me-downs (the rotation of children's clothes will never end!). I timed it late enough in the afternoon that I thought surely Courtney would drift off, since she only had an hour or so napping earlier in the day. To my great surprise, it was Luke who nodded off first and stayed asleep while I visited a little, through the ride home and the stop at the gas station ($59... but I am getting 23 mpg since the tune up - a 1-2 mpg increase). He got in at least an hour of nappage!

In other news, the composting is going... well, as far as I can tell it's going. It doesn't smell and we're not filling it very quickly (which is a good thing, doncha know). I still haven't gotten the indoor storage system done. Oh, and I planted a zucchini plant, too. Two tomatoes and one zucchini. Hopefully they yield us some veggies!


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