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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Have I mentioned how hard it is to actually 'go green'? And not like recycling or composting is hard (oh, the compost is composting away!! I don't have enough!), but please do not give me plastic bags, people.

I took my plastic bag o bags to the store along with a cloth bag - the store I WALKED to with a CHILD, mind you. (By the way, check out the walkability of your neighborhood - I scored a 46) I shopped with my basket and handed my plastic and cloth bag to the bagger, asking that she place the frozen items together in the plastic bag.

So she placed the frozen items in a STORE plastic bag and then that bag into the cloth bag. @#$!@#$%!@#$! She also wrapped my 'Spray n Wash' in a plastic bag so it could be safely placed next to my watermelon. Rather than, I don't know, handing it to me if she thought I'd be concerned? So I went with two bags for two bags of groceries and still came home with two plastic bags. GAH!!


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