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Saturday, July 12, 2008


We recently moved all our VHS movies up to the lake house, set up a TV with a VCR and created a 'downtime kid zone' in the loft. Also known as, 'Look kid, I'm exhausted, you're exhausted, go zone out'. A lot of time outdoors being active can lead to whiny kids. It's been a FANTABULOUS solution. Plus, it got rid of all our VHS movies, and then my sister in law added hers! A veritable entertainment library!

So of course Luke wants to watch one movie over and over and over again. Toy Story.

You've seen Toy Story, right? It's a great kids movie, right? It's all about friendship and working together and all sorts of great things!

Except when your kid climbs to the tops of tables and couches and leaps off shouting "TO INBAFINERTY AND BEYOND!"

Sure, sure, we saw that coming. He's acting out Buzz Lightyear! Of course!

And then he says "Stop it, you gallits!"

Uh, what? Esposo figures out that one - when Buzz is being picked up from the crane game at Pizza Planet, Woody shouts at the aliens "Stop it, you zealots!!" You know, since Luke has watched the movie 400 times by now, he's picked up some lines.

So, "What are you looking at, you hockey puck!"

Ah, um.

And the coup de grace from this sweet Disney movie about friendship is "you idiot!", which Luke says about 20 times a day, with no clear idea what it means.

Thanks, Toy Story. Thanks a bunch!


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