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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Whose family is this?

Every now and then I like to watch 'Honey, We're Killing the Kids!', because it definitely makes me feel like we're not doing too bad with eating healthy even though Luke is not exactly an intimate associate of vegetables (and neither am I. And no, there's no correlation. Luke buys his own food, after all!). The last episode I saw had a family from the Chicago area eating fast food up to three times A DAY. It made me gag a little.

What kills me about the show is that they have the family prepare healthy meals, and thefirst meal is invariably some crazy food like mussels. I don't eat horribly and I'd gag at mussels. How about starting them off with a chicken dish, eh?

But we're making more progress in the healthy eating department, as we have been slowly improving all year. I really saw that when Luke had lunch yesterday - a slice of turkey, two slices of cheese, and three carrots. It was a carb-free lunch! With a veggie!

And today I made my first batch of baby food for Courtney - carrots. Hey, what can I say, we have a lot on hand. It's one of Esposo's favorites, but I hate 'em raw. Not only is making her food incredibly cost effective (4 servings bought in store - $2, four servings made at home - maaaybe 50 cents.) it's got to be healthier, since all that's in there is carrots.


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