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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thanks for the Assvice!

This morning we went as a family to a nearby downtown and hit the farmer's market, the park, and wandered to the train station in hopes of Luke seeing a train. Luke was walking on the platform near the tracks when a woman near me felt the need to say:

"I wouldn't let him play there, there's electricity in the tracks."

I blinked a couple times and looked away. In a few seconds, I called to Luke, who was running down the platform (which I had previously stopped him from doing because running next to tracks, bad plan.) Esposo went to get him. Then I got up, shaking my head as the vast stupidity of this woman hit me.

1. First, it's the Metra. The Metra does not have electrified lines. You see people walking over the tracks there? And not being electrified?

2. Mind your own beeswax, lady.

3. She lit up her cigarette next to her six year old two seconds after she scolded me. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.

I've really never gotten random parental assvice before, it was a momentus day.


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