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Monday, November 05, 2007

Home Delivery

We went up to the lake house this past weekend, no grandmas or aunt or uncles or cousins, just the four of us. We got up late Friday night, as usual, and both the kids slept awful. We usually sleep everyone in one room (including the dog) and this meant that when Courtney cried it interrupted Luke's sleep, so he woke up half an hour later. Friday night was loooong.

Luke has been developing and becoming a more reasoned being lately, and it's been a fabulous development. We visited Esposo's grandfather, who's ninety-ish and is senile (or has Alzheimers... I'm not sure.) and really doesn't remember us much. But he loves to see Courtney, so we go and talk. This is a hard trip for Luke because there's nothing to do. But he handled it well, and then we went out to lunch.

Like, ate at a table and sat there while the waitress brought us food. We can take Luke out to eat and it's not akin to driving a fork deep deep into your eyeball because you're desperately trying to make him 1) not run around the restaurant and 2) not scream. We've gone out to eat three times in the past two weeks. C-RAZY!!!

Luke napped on the way home, and then there was Saturday evening.

Saturday evening Luke delivered the best. mood. ever. He was happy, giggly, amusing himself or bringing us into the game. We actually couldn't resist playing with him because he was SO happy and giggly. It lasted for hours. We kept him up a little later than usual because he was so much fun. We have requested for this mood to be delivered at home as well.


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